My Wash Day Routine

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There are many different types of curl textures from 3c through to 4c, more than often one person can have multiple hair textures.

I have a mixture of 4c hair at the front and the middle and 4b hair at the back of my head. As my hair is very thick and gets dry quickly it requires a lot of moisture and in turn, I have had a lot of trial and error with finding out what product works best for me and maximises my curls full potential. 

I decided to go fully natural 3 years ago, I didn’t do the big chop as I did not want to have short hair, instead opted to trim my hair every few months until the permed parts were completely gone. Now fully natural I have developed a wash day routine below are some of my favourite products and reviews on them.


I use this every two months to apply a treatment to my hair before shampooing. My favourite cleansing pre-poo hair masque at the moment is the Creme of Nature Clay and Charcoal hair mask. It is said to be great for ‘removing heavy build-up whilst cleansing and detoxifying your hair’ It Contains apple cider vinegar and charcoal. 


It removes all the build-up in my hair like it claims too and helps soften and detangle my hair for the next step. 


It’s hard to wash out the charcoal from your hair. 

I would rate this product a 3/5



As I  have used a pre-shampoo to detoxify I will need to use a clarifying shampoo to ensure I don’t strip all the moisture from my hair. Clarifying shampoo is used to restore the natural Ph balance of your hair. My current favourite is Palmer’s Natural Fusion hair, micellar rosewater shampoo. This shampoo is sulfate-free and ‘helps clean hair and scalp of all dirt and impurities whilst still moisturising the hair.


The small tip makes it easier to apply to my scalp and the rosewater leaves it smelling nice and clean.


It takes a long time to lather up and I feel like I end up using more product. It’s also not very moisturising.

I would rate this a 3/5



I wash my hair every 2 months but in between If I feel like my hair needs a quick clean and revival I use a Co-wash. Co-washes are ‘more gentle to your hair and cleans their hair whilst still maintaining all the important natural oils’. My current favourite is the As I Am coconut Co-wash


I don’t have to shampoo and then condition I use this as both and it still cleans my hair, it smells good as well.


It’s not very moisturising.

I would rate this a 2/5


Deep conditioner

If I have opted for step 1 of pre-poo and step 2 of clarifying shampoo the next step is deep conditioner. Deep conditioners have benefits of providing deeper penetrations to the hair shafts. My current favourite deep conditioner is the Creme of Nature argan oil intensive conditioner. It is said to ‘strengthen, revitalize and give an exotic shine’,I have been using this product for over a year it is great for my natural hair and wigs


It leaves my hair soft, shiny, moisturised and great for detangling.


Need a bigger bottle!

I leave this in my hair for up to an hour and wrap my hair with cling film or shower cap. 

I would rate this product a 4/5


Leave-in Conditioner

To help lock in the moisture after washing I use a leave-in conditioner.  Leave-in conditioners are said to moisturise dry hair and make it softer, smoother, and shinier, they can serve as a  heat protectant too. My current favourite is the Afrocenchix moisture surge set. 


As my hair gets very dry easily this helps to keep it moisturised for up to a week.


It is a very light formula which means I use more product to make sure my hair is covered from root to tip. 

I would rate this a 3/5



Product Reviews With HA 

Hair Advisor UK is now doing product reviews! Leave a review if you have tried any of the products stated above and let me know how it worked for you. If you have any other product recommendations you think work for 4c hair type or product to completely stay away from! 

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