What To Expect With Black Hair Salons Re-Opening

By Hair Advisor UK

For those of us who attempted to do DIY braids, hair colouring or even dared to do a hair cut, we can all agree hair salons couldn’t open any sooner! In line with Government advice, salons are set to open on July 4th, however, a trip to the salon will be far from our usual normal. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on people’s lives and businesses. It is therefore imperative as a community we play our part in adhering to all safety measures.

We’ve spoken to 4 experienced black owned hair service providers who shared with us how they managed their business during lock down and what their clients can expect on July 4th with maintaining safety standards!


1.Maison Style Hair

Andreé Marie the founder and owner of Maison Style Hair salon has over 10 years of experience within hair services specialising in hair straightening services, hair cutting, hair treatments and more!

How did you adjust your business during lock down?

“We held an online consultation to help our clients maintain their hair during the lockdown period. Every week we held an Instagram live on @MaisonStyleHair discussing a range of topics and providing hair advice. We also expanded our online store on our website where we currently sell hair product packages for natural and relaxed hair. To support our wig wearers, we created the one bundle wig at a discounted price to help clients who are still going to work, lastly we began providing a wig revamp service”

What can clients expect from you on July 4th?

“All clients will be asked to wear a mask before their appointment, we will make this available for purchase at the salon. All our stylists will wear masks/ visors. Upon reopening we will close our waiting area to avoid overcrowding, and no plus ones (including children). We’ve also created a treatment area to maintain a social distance. To streamline appointments, we call our clients 2 days prior to confirm their attendance and offer a telephone consultation. Lastly payment will be accepted prior our appointments if clients are comfortable”

Instagram http://www.instagram.com/maisonstylehair?igshid=1nzz04y15rrys

Website http://www.maisonstyle.co.uk


2.Bunny Braids

Elizabeth the founder and owner of Bunny Braids and has over 10 years’ experience within hair services, specialising in protective styles and wigs. 

How did you adjust your business during lock down?

“We adjusted to lockdown by remaining active on our social media platforms and interacting with our community and clients especially on Instagram. We sent personal messages to our clients to check their well being. Tips on self-care and wellness were shared and discussed on our Instagram platform. Other communication was via our mailing list and phone calls and text. We also shared easy DIY protective style tutorials, and we noticed this was a big hit as clients gave positive feedback.”

What can clients expect from you on July 4th?

“Firstly we took and passed the certified COVID-19/ Infection control courses, to enhance our knowledge and adopt extra safety! All our clients are expected to wear masks at all times during the appointment and wash their hands upon entry of the studio with hand sanitisers available at all times. We will be using disposable capes on all clients, and providing a UV sterilising box for clients to sterilize their phones / items. Currently payment is only via PayPal. Lastly our working area will be disinfected after each client!”

Instagram www.instagram.com/bunnybraids?igshid=15njsh2wfcomn

Website www.linktr.ee/bunnybraids


3.Jennifer Cynthia Hair 

Jenifer Cynthia the founder and owner of Jennifer Cynthia hair has over 18 years’ experience within hair services, specialising in braids, wigs and hair straightening services.

How did you adjust your business during lock down 

“I followed the government guidelines of social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands regularly.”

I stayed in contact with as many clients as possible through text and phones and via our social media platform. Being a single parent with a toddler, I had to ensure I allowed myself to also take time out and enjoy not having to do the school run and rush into the salon everyday”

What can clients expect from you on July 4th?

“The Salon has always been a clean environment and we ensure that all worktops are clean at all times.

When we re-open, we will be improving our cleaning methods by disinfecting the chair and worktop after every client. We will continue to use clean combs, brushes, robes and towels for every client as we’ve always done”

Instagram www.instagram.com/jennifercynthiahair?igshid=7e9twossdrmb

Website www.booksy.com/en-gb/instant-experiences/widget/8834?instant_experiences_enabled=true&ig_ix=true


4.Phebean Anthony

Phebean Anthony is a salon located in Manor Park East London Phebean has over 20 years’ experience within hair services, specialising in hair extensions, hair cutting, colouring, hair styling and more!

How did you adjust your business during lock down?

“Lockdown has affected us all. I have communicated with my clients using texts, WhatsApp messages and social media.  I have also sent out lockdown hair care packages with tips on how to maintain their hair!”

What can clients expect from you on July 4th?

“We’ve provided all details of our COVID-19 social distancing measure on our website, we want to ensure our clients will be protected during their appointments. We will require all clients to wear a mask and staff to wear a mask and a face visor or protective goggles and gloves. No extra guests will be permitted at appointments including children with customers asked to wait outside if arriving too early for their appointments. We encourage card payments with cash payments accepted under exceptional circumstances. We are informing clients to stay at home and reschedule if they are feeling unwell or displaying symptoms”

Read more of Phebean’s Policies on https://phebeananthonyhair.square.site/covid-19-update-policy

Instagram www.instagram.com/phebehair?igshid=5kuqh38z43lk

Website www.phebeananthonyhair.square.site




4 thoughts on "What To Expect With Black Hair Salons Re-Opening"

Ife says:

This is such a helpful post! Its really encouraged me to consider going back to salon sooner than I originally planned – which was November!

Tobi x says:

Love it! It’s avtually refreshing to see actually PROFESSIONAL hairstylist share their plans! I feel a little re-assured now and probs check one of these ladies out!

Ladydeex says:

It’s refreshing to see some professional hairstylist making sure consumers are safe! I’ve heard some hairstylist not taking extra precaustion other than wearing mask WHICH ISNT ENOUGH!

Anonymous says:

Other than re-assure me to go to a salon and even support black owned ones I’m even more tempted to try a silk press ???

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