Hair Product Of The Month-June

By Hair Advisor UK

Every month the Hair Advisor team will be reviewing a hair product and letting you know which gems to watch out for, favourite star buys and all you need to know. 

June’s product of the month is the amazing hair repair oil by the black owned hair care brand Curly By Nature.


Curly by Nature founded in 2012 born out of pain of curls and afro hair continuously overlooked, founder Klerissa Mcdonald started a hair care line that can offer curls care solutions. 

 Their hair repair oil is said to hold 100% natural ingredients including Kuku oil. Grapeseed oil and Calendula extract. The oil quickly absorbs into the hair and scalp to increase moisture retention and improves elasticity.

Price: £30.99

Size: 125ml


 Ways in which you can use this product:

  • Heating the oil and massage it into your scalp before shampoo or after conditioner.
  • Doing a twist out overnight and using the oil to unravel your twists.
  • Using it as part of your LOC method (Liquid, Oil, Cream) or sealing the moisture in your hair.

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2 thoughts on "Hair Product Of The Month-June"

Anonymous says:

I’m excited to see the product for July! But will you ladies be doing only for black owned brands?

Ife says:

Yeah you see this oil.. HOLY GRAIL!!!! I need to re-stock!

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