Picking The Right Hair Salon For You

By Hair Advisor UK


Finding a good hair salon that you can trust and go to whenever required can be such a breath of fresh air. At times you may go through trial and tribulations before finding “The One”.

However barring a few factors in mind may help eliminate the probability of having bad experiences and help connect you quicker to your potential go-to hair salon/ stylist. Check out Hair Advisor UK’s list on how to find “The One”.


Research, Reviews and Recommendations

The internet and social media are good starting points for researching hair salons. Pictures of their work are usually updated regularly and can give you a glimpse of their expertise and aesthetics. As good as this is in creating a list of potential salons for you, it is imperative to go further by doing some more research.

  • Check out reviews left on Hair Advisor UK.
  • Look at recent reviews and pictures to give you a wide perspective. This will help create a solid idea on criteria such as communication skills, their level of friendliness, the cleanliness of their salon and much more!
  • Recommendations from friends and family are also a good shout! You can trust that the people you know will give you referrals on places they deem as a good quality hair salon but as always, follow it up with research to validate it. 


What is your budget?

You now have your extensive list of prospective good quality salons but do they all match your budget size?

Investing in your hair is definitely essential as “It is the crown you never take off” however you need to be reasonable and keep it within your spending capacity. Having a budget of what you are willing to spend, will ensure you can keep up with the maintenance of the hairstyle and avoid you having to cancel appointments due to high costs.

Having said this, be aware of the pricing. “You get what you pay for”; if it seems too low you may compromise on the quality of the hair.


Majority of us are willing to travel the extra mile just for a good hair salon. Nevertheless, technology now makes it easier to find a hair salon closer to home, the Hair Advisor UK’s website can make finding a salon 10 times easier.

Ideally travelling any more than an hour to a hair salon becomes a chore especially when it comes to booking a weekday appointment. Imagine spending eight hours of your day at work only to have to travel halfway across the world to get back home after getting your hair done. Tragic! 

That being said, be sure to cross out any of the options that meet that benchmark.


Consultation and Expertise

Knowing a hair salons’ expertise and whether they offer a consultation session can also help pick the right one for you.

Are they specialists for your hair type? Do they have all the correct tools and products required to keep your hair healthy?

These questions can be answered with a consultation session by the hair service provider. 

A consultation session gives you the opportunity to discuss your hair type and ideal hair regimen with them. It also helps boost your confidence that the stylist understands what you want for your hair. In addition to this, it can enable you to carry out any necessary tests needed before a full treatment is done on you.

These will help with deciding on whether the hair salon is for you as first impressions always count!

To conclude, picking the right hair salon for you can prevent a lot of mishaps such as hair loss, hair damage or money loss. It can also give you that extra confidence having the perfect hair salon that gives you that healthy and perfect hair look. Always remember it starts with research!

2 thoughts on "Picking The Right Hair Salon For You"

Lisa T says:

I actually love this page! Content like this is so needed! I’ve never actually thought about budget and finding a hair dresser I can keep going to! Keep up the good content ladies x

Oyin86 says:

This blog was so needed! I’ve really heard some horrible horror stories as of late especially on twitter. It’s so true we need to vet better!

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