What I Learnt : 4C Natural To Relaxed Pixie

By Hair Advisor UK

Outside of the 4c natural hair movement, there is an uprising of many black women returning to the “creamy crack” also known as relaxers and taking another big chop! The Pixie!  The 360 turn of a hairstyle is becoming widely popular. Where I took the plunge and  joined the club over 9 months ago!

The Big Decision 

I was heavily discouraged from returning to relaxers because of all the dangers. However we fail to recognise the improvements a lot of relaxers have had now! Ensuring your hairstylist  holds a consultation with you prior to your appointment and is “educated and trained” to relax hair, makes the process 100% easier, However the 2 hour transformation from afro to straight short hair is almost empowering ?



First thing first before taking the bold decision make sure you detach yourself from your hair length! I was happy to let go of “my hair must be long!” mentality. Crazy to think this as I had been natural for 7 years, but I was more focused on having a new look and having straight short thick healthy hair! I often feel women have the “long hair” narrative advertised to us so often that we forget we can love short hair just as much. I also personally enjoy styling my own hair, this is a key trait because styling short hair isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you want your hair looking like you’ve just left the salon you need patience and time. Styling my hair often now consists of using hair rollers which are great to avoid applying heat. Or alternatively mousse wrapping my hair for a short slick look; with a few occasions using straighteners.

Where I Failed 

The change in my hair care needs was one thing I failed to prepare for! I have a fab range of natural hair products to last me years. But my oils, moisturisers and even conditioners needed to be switched up, with relaxed hair having completely different needs than natural hair! I soon stocked up on Kera care products, a few protein conditioners and said an emotional farewell to heavy castor oil! Equipment is an addition I didn’t prepare for, a blow dryer isn’t going to do you justice with a short pixie cut, you’re going to need to get yourself wrapping paper and ideally a hair dryer that sits over your head and loads of mousse! 


(Teyana Taylor, 2014)

So what have I learnt? 

I now have a better relationship with my hair as I’ve decided to step away from wigs but embrace my new look. There’s an additional cost incurred every 6 weeks as my preference is to go to the salon for my relaxer touch up, as to have my hair looked after correctly can’t have a price tag! Lastly, remember it’s a big change and perhaps not everyone is going to love the idea of your new look but do it for you and no one else!


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