Hair Product Of The Month- July

By Hair Advisor UK

Every month the Hair Advisor team will be reviewing a hair product and letting you know which gems to watch out for, favourite star buys and all you need to know. July Product of the month is the As I am dry itch co-wash

If you struggle with your scalp or hair becoming dry very frequently, keeping your hair moisturised and hydrated can help with this. If you don’t need to do your full wash day routine but just want a quick wash considering using a co-wash.  

As I Am dry co-wash is said to help fight dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis. It contains olive oil and tea tree oil to help relieve the scalp


  • Fights dry & itchy scalp and dandruff
  • Help prevent itchiness
  • Hydrates hair

Hair Advisor has collaborated with Axellia London where you can purchase this product at, Axellia is a black-owned E-commerce site that stocks male and female hair grooming products. Find some of your favourite products such as Cantu, As I am and even PapaChiChi hot comb!

Price: £11.99

Size: 454g


Have you tried this product? Or maybe you found a product that works better in combating dry scalp and hair.  Don’t forget to submit your hair product review with Hair Advisor UK by clicking the link below! Head over to our Instagram to read our latest product reviews


2 thoughts on "Hair Product Of The Month- July"

Ife says:

Just left a review on this product! I absolutely love this co-wash

Mary Ann says:

This is one of my faves from As I am! This and the one with the red label literally love !

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