How To Be A Client That Hair Service Providers Love

By Hair Advisor UK


Etiquette is key when booking and using hair service providers. You want to ensure you maintain a healthy relationship with them. 

Hair Advisor UK has a segment called “Bridging the Gap” where we ask hair service providers on how relationships can be bettered between both parties and maintained.

Below is a guide that we have compiled from them that demonstrates how to be a great client.

Adhere To Instructions 

When you choose to book your desired hair service provider, you are agreeing to following the terms and conditions they have given. 

Before paying a deposit or booking a hair service, ensure that you read all the terms and conditions stipulated. If there is something you cannot adhere to, reach out to the provider and make it known to them, if they are unwilling to be flexible, it’s best you pick another.  For example, if you do not like paying deposits up front, look for a hair service provider that works with your needs.


Be Punctual

Being punctual is definitely key and is a sign of respect. 

Hair Stylists/Salons usually have back to back bookings therefore being late to your appointment could affect them being on time for their next clients appointment or set them back on other tasks they had lined up on the day. If you are running late, ensure you let the stylist/ salon know as soon as it becomes apparent. 

Likewise if you have been requested to provide an item (e.g frontal for plucking) by a certain time frame, ensure it is sent over by the deadline and if not possible once again make them aware and give them an estimate on when they will receive the item.

Be Transparent 

If you do not like the service you have been provided with, let the hair stylist know! It is very important you communicate this with them during your appointment; if possible. 

If you have ordered a wig and do not like the outcome, let it be known immediately. This can be done via email or a messaging platform just so you have a trail of your communication with the stylist. 

Be Considerate 

If you are sending off hair bundles to a hairstylist ensure that it has been cleaned and it’s in good condition. Similar to this, if you go to a hair appointment, regardless of what you are getting done e.g. hair wash, take it in a presentable manner. 

Be Fair

As much as we would want hair service providers to do an absolute copy paste of a hairstyle we have shown them as inspiration, at times it may not be feasible due to many factors such as your hair texture not being the same. That does not mean you have received a bad hair service experience and credit should still be given where due. 

Be sure to leave them a review on Hair Advisor UK and be as honest as possible.

Tip: A random act of gesture would also be nice. You could tip your stylist for their hard work or ask if they’ll like a coffee/ cupcake on your way to the appointment. 

Exhorting good customer behaviour is just as important as receiving good customer service. Being kind and listening to hair service providers can help better relationships between you and them.If you really enjoy using the hair service provider refer them to others and become a regular client!

2 thoughts on "How To Be A Client That Hair Service Providers Love"

Ife says:

I’m going to like this segment – Bridging the Gap! Definitely helpful, especially the tip! How does one know how much to tip? What’s the rule/percentage?

Anonymous says:

I think between 10-25% xx

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