How AliExpress Reviews Are Costing The Black Community

By Hair Advisor UK

AliExpress has grown to become the biggest vendor for online hair extensions globally. The Chinese e-commerce superhub (branched under Alibaba) has a market value of $232 billion and over 200,000 search results for hair extensions.

With black women as their number one consumers for hair extensions, we’ve enjoyed the luxury and accessibility of purchasing deep wave bundles, a new frontal and 613 blonde wig all for under £400 and know it will arrive before the end of the week!


Demand VS Transparency 

However this easy accessibility has lead to a lack of transparency into which one provides quality hair.  With many sellers offering their customers discount coupons in exchange of submitting 5* reviews on their products. This has led to an increase in buyer’s uncertainty on which products are genuinely value for money. For many black women who rely on extensions and wigs many have watched their favourite influencer being gifted hair and display their own positive paid review, which can be very enticing. But outside of this what has been your own personal experience? Did the quality of the hair match up to what was advertised to you?

“Thank God, I’m sick of people lying for £10 off, with their busted wigs!” Hair Advisor Community Member


However, on the contrary, there are thousands of genuine Aliexpress vendors who provide great customer service and great quality hair. As expected for a hair service, a product purchase should not be misleading, but a form of investment and enjoyable experience. On average black women spend over £350 per hair extension and wig transactions, with such a high expense many cannot afford to make a loss.


Creating A Safe Space

Hair Advisor identifying this gap between AliExpress and transparent reviews has now added Aliexpress vendors to our website. We want to provide Black women with a safe space to submit genuine reviews on their quality of hair they’ve purchased from online vendors, without the attachment and  discounts coupons or cash backs and make an informed decision before spending hundreds of pounds. We believe as a community trial and error shouldn’t be the primary way to learn what you’re paying for.


Submit A Review

Recently bought hair extensions in the last 1 year? Submit a review today, and spread the word! Our global campaign is aimed to support all black women. Submit and read reviews on Ali express vendors – Click Here

2 thoughts on "How AliExpress Reviews Are Costing The Black Community"

Rachel Sarpong says:

i’m happy this conversation is finally happening! China has taken advantage of the black hair market which is mainly our fault but we need to start looking else where for hair extensions!!!! Most of the stuff they sell us these days are crap quality or even toxic!

Diane89 says:

Would you recommend: n/a

black womne need to boycott using these vendors!! there no quality control at all and we’re happily using their hair

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