Black Hair Art Inspirations You Didn’t Know About

By Hair Advisor UK

The beauty of black hair comes in many forms, with the ability to be moulded, shaped and cut into something completely different is what brings it apart from every hair type in the spectrum. Historically Eurocentric beauty was strongly viewed as the only ideal standard. This has meant Black women have carved out their own aesthetic and appreciate the very features that distinguished them. 

But as much as we admire black hair from a design and construction perspective. The art and photography of black hair has a defined beauty on its own. We share our top 5 artists and photographers who have dedicated work towards empowering black natural hair.


5. @IamQweenstorm, 2020

This amazing digital painted, curated by @IamQweenstorm , this painting captures the beauty of braids and false nail extensions We admire the long nails with the classic red paint. This painting gives us mid 90’s vibes were braids were very popular.


4. Nancy Stanfield, 1960 

Nancy captures the iconic hair thread stretching which stems from west africa. The photographs display the intimacies doing natural hair holds. This method of hairstyling is used to stretch natural hair without the use of any heat. It is also a form of  protective hairstyle commonly seen in Africa.


3. Laetitia Ky, 2019

Tik Tok star Laetitia Ky (@laetiky) uses her signature hair sculpting technique to showcase three bags in collaboration with Marc Jacobs. The hair culture, is expression hair extension covered in wire, this displays the manipulation afro hair can achieve and create.


2. Nikki Nelems, 2020

Nikki is a well known celebrity hairstylist who has worked with celebrities such as Solange, Kanye West and Timbaland. She’s a proud souther girl (United States) and takes a lot of her inspiration from what she would see in the salons, and now turn them into art. The pieces remind us of the early 2000’s. 


1.Oye Diran, 2020 

This feature by Oye called the “A ti de / We Have Arrived” very much captures the black and Yoruba fashion and hair era of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. The two iconic hairstyles of the era’s being the afro and black shoulder-length wigs, with the distinctive outwards flick at the end. We also love the bright lace outfits, and make up which signifies black beauty.  

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