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By Hair Advisor UK

With natural hair, many times you can become curious or itching for a hairstyle that’s outside of your usual kinks and coils. With the methods of hair straightening afro hair expanding outside of relaxers, we’ve had many of our community members ask us “Should I Get a Silk Press?”. Now we know no hairstyle decision is straight forward and there are many factors one needs to consider before making an informed decision.

Our spotlight blog feature has professional hairstylist Jennifer Cynthia Hair discuss with us all things silk press! With over 15 years hair dressing experience under her belt, Jennifer has an NVQ in hairdressing and specialises within Silk Presses and hair straightening services, she also has a Youtube Channel showcasing her work to her 32k subscribers. 


What Is A Silk Press?

“The best way to describe a silk press is service that entails a wash and style with extras, we’re basically making your hair look and feel like silk, without the heavy products. The main technique is within the blow drying and products used during the wash. Usually I opt for a shampoo and conditioners that is moisturising and good quality. However as a hair stylist I’m, able to identify to how much heat to use on sections on your hair given my experience on applying heat to hair. Prior the appointment I hold a consultation with my client then as we proceed I walk them through the process.”


What Does the Maintenance of a Silk Press Look Like? 

“Maintenance between clients can vary, however one thing is that Afro Hair naturally wants moisture and enjoys humidity. If we’re honest Afro hair isn’t made to be straight, so we can’t straighten with a silk press and expect it to not to revert back, eventually it will. However methods that can aid maintaining the silk press include, wrapping your hair at night with a satin scarf, I tell my clients apply tights over your head to hold the satin scarf in place. Also using light hair serums can help preserve the silk press from the humidity, using heated rollers are also a good alternative way to maintain the hairstyle. People tend to get curious and straighten their hair at home again, and that is where the heat damage occurs”


Are There Any Dangers? How Often Can I Get Them Done?

“As an average I recommend 1-2 times a year however this varies by client to client. Usually I say get your first silk press done and see how it goes, and make a decision from there. I have clients who come once a month, to 3 to 4 times a year and their hair is able to withstand the process without heat damage. Once again the additional risk occurs at home when clients are tempted to straighten their hair and apply heavy oils, and their lack of knowledge on how to apply heat to their hair, as a result leads to heat damage.”


What Is The Most Common Misconception On Straightening Afro Hair?

“The typical one is Afro Hair can’t be straight, and after straightening doesn’t flow. To start off with a lot of black women believe their hair is “Hard”, I see a lot of my clients come in and often describe their hair as “Difficult” and “Hard” and often its a misconception we’ve seen with our hair. I generally don’t like to discriminate down to a hair “Type” we can’t put a person head of hair into a box by hair type as it varies so much! Also the condition of someone’s hair can determine the end results of a silk press. For example if the hair is damaged, fine, coloured or even a 4c natural virgin. I can always tell when someone has applied straighteners through their hair”


Do You See Silk Press and Other Hair Straightening Methods Becoming More Popular In The Future?

“Everything goes in cycle similar to fashion and beauty, right now its natural hair and braids season, however Afro hair isn’t going anywhere, and hair dressers will need to learn to do these processes, keep up to date. Clients want to be able to go somewhere and receive the full experience and be educated on with their hair. But I don’t see silk presses going anywhere it’s also here to stay.”


Want to know more about Jennifer Cynthia and her hair services? 

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