10 Ways To Deal With Negative Feedback From Customers Online

By Hair Advisor UK


We understand that running a business isn’t the easiest and seamless job in the world. However with modern day technology and the ever shifting expectation of consumer changing, online reviews are becoming the forefront of making a decision before engaging with a brand. It can almost feel like a nightmare with the concern on whether the negative reviews possibly driving customers away, 


We’ve listed 10 ways to deal with negative feedback with customers online.

1.First off, don’t be too hard on yourself for getting a negative review if it’s a rare experience. You can’t please everybody, and not everyone is going to love every aspect of your business.


2. Have a moment of self reflection, remove the emotional attachment from your brand and put yourself in the client shoes. 


3. If the negative feedback is on a social platform, avoid arguing with the client. Instead whether you are at fault or not apologise by saying you are sorry for their experience, and explain how this is unusual within your business. Consider offering a special deal or a discount on the purchase, if applicable provide your business email to resolve the issue offline.


4. Begin to brainstorm a solution, is there a certain aspect of your business logistics or service that’s receiving negative feedback? Find a new method and introduce this to your customers e.g “We’ve taken on your feedback and have recently improved our X by introducing Y”


5. Prevent your friends and family arguing with the client on social media, investors and potential partners can be deterred by the unprofessional interaction. E.g It’s very unlikely you’ll catch the owner of Apple Inc siblings arguing with a customer who’s still at fault with a negative review.  



6. Never block your client on social media, or delete their comments on your page, despite the current dispute. Remember nothing on the internet is deleted forever. 


7.  Answer quickly to your customers, even if it’s an acknowledgement until you gather more facts and information. Customers often submit a negative review pretty soon after the negative experience takes place.


8. The next step is to respond to complaints in a professional manner. Regardless, a business should never stoop down to that level of unprofessionalism.


9. Spend some time also reflecting on the positive reviews that have been submitted to you


10.  Consider Compensation, no business wants to lose money, however when a mistake has been made providing compensation can display to potential customers you are able to identify your wrongs.


What Have We Learnt?

Negative reviews can have a very strong influence over potential customers. However, it does not mean the end for your business failing to react properly will. The most important thing is to learn from the negative feedback. Don’t take it too personally. Ultimately, this type of harsh (public) criticism should act as the framework for how your company evolves.


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MaggieLola91 says:

10000000000% a lot of hairstylist need to take this on board I’ve seen too many argue with people especially on twitter and it’s off putting

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