Hair Product Of The Month- October

By Hair Advisor UK

Every month the Hair Advisor team will be reviewing a hair product and letting you know which gems to watch out for, favourite star buys and all you need to know. 

October Product of the month is Kera Care styling wax stick

Often times there are many flyaways on your wig and even on your natural hair when you are trying to slick it down for a sleek look. Keracare wax stick is great for holding down them edges! The great thing is that it is easy to brush out and wash out. 

Keracare is said to be perfect for use on braids and twists to fuse the hair together, and for smoothing down flyaways and frizzy hair types.


  • Easy to wash out.•
  • Does not leave any flakes behind. 
  • Does not weigh hair down. 

This product can be used directly on your hair or use a blow dryer to make it a bit sticky then apply direct your edges. 

Price: £11.95

Size: 75g


Have you tried this product? Or maybe you found a product that works better in combating dry scalp and hair.  Don’t forget to submit your hair product review with Hair Advisor UK by clicking the link below! Head over to our Instagram to read our latest product reviews


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