The £30 Budget: Black Owned Hair Product Challenge!

By Hair Advisor UK

Say Yes To Black Owned!

We already know buying hair care products can be expensive and with the increasing acknowledgement of some of our favourite black hair brands not being black owned, there has been a shift in support for our own! Supporting black owned ensures we help to strengthen local Black economies.

As part of the #HAHairBudget campaign  we’ve already been able to budget £10.00 for our hair care needs, however with a £30 budget how many black owned products could our Co – founder Sharon buy! We put her to test to prove that black owned brands aren’t as expensive as we think! 


The Challenge

Now for the hunt! Doing your research to ensure a hair care black is owned is pretty easy! Basically “Do Your Googles!” and never assume! There is no rule book on how to spot if a brand is black owned but rather do your own investigation.

Now with £30 my aim was to grab a shampoo, leave in conditioner, oil and a moisture 

1. Twisted Sista Leave In Conditioner, £5.89

Formulated with coconut, avocado and silk amino acids to create manageable curls without weighing hair down. Their leave in conditioner also is Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free and cruelty free. Twisted Sista was created by Stephen Durham back in 2008!

RRP : £5.89 Superdrug

Shop Twisted Sista: Superdrug


2. Ayurveda Shampoo Bar – Okiki Skincare, £7.00

Ayurvedic shampoo is a herbal blend that helps to promote hair repair and growth in the form of a solid shampoo bar. Their shampoo bar contains olive oil , Jasmine, Neem leaves, Liquorice well as Basil essential oil to deeply hydrate the hair leaving it soft and youthful every day! Okiki Skincare is founded by Ade Ogunsola in 2016.

RPP £7.00 Jamii Love

Shop Okiki Haircare : Jamii 


3. Hydrating Moisturiser – Eden To Eden, £8.00

Eden To Eden hydrating moisturiser aims to nourishes your hair leaving it feeling silky  and smooth. It  contains jojoba oil and coconut oil also chemical free!  It’s sure to make you feel the difference between dry, itchy scalp, frizzy, restore and popping curls!

RPP £8.00 : Jamii Love 

Shop Eden To Eden : Jamii 

4. Hair Amour ‘Sweet Summer Citrus’ Hair Oil, £7.99

Hair Amour ‘Sweet Summer Citrus’ Nourishing & Conditioning Hair & Scalp Oil is an amazing botanical combination of beneficial plant oils that treat your hair making it more manageable, lustrous, smooth and soft locks. It’d be a crime not to make this a staple in your hair care arsenal! Contains almond oil and castor oil!


RRP £7.99 Love Jamii

Shop Hair Amour Hair Scalp Oil : Jamii


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