The £10 Hair Appliance Challenge

By Hair Advisor UK

Did You Say Hair Straighteners For £10?

Are you looking for a straightener within a strict budget, then look no further.

Hair Advisor UK have launched a Finance Campaign #HAHairBudget that aims to highlight how feasible it is to shop for hair care products, services and accessories that cater to your hair needs without breaking the bank.

With thorough research, I found Wazor Hair Straightener which retails at £8.49 from Amazon. For a hair appliance that’s a bargain!

First Impressions

First impressions are that the packaging was neatly put together in a rectangular black and white box that can be slid to get out the straighteners with ease.

Although not necessarily a fancy packaging, the main concern is whether the straighteners are a good quality hair gadget.

The features of the straightener include that they reach 220° with 4  heat settings ranging from 145° to 220°. They have ceramic plates, there’s a 360° swivel cord for easy use and they maintain a constant even temperature. The sides are also carved in which prevent you from burning surfaces when on.


From a functional level, they do an alright job. They are not the smoothest when applied on the hair however they do straighten the hair to an almost bone straight level with just  a couple of run throughs.

(L-R: Before using the Wazor Hair Straightener and After using the Wazor Hair Straightener)


To conclude, if you are looking for a hair straightener on a budget or you only straighten your hair once in a blue moon, I will definitely recommend Wazor straighteners. 

Although they are not luxurious straighteners they have all the basic functionalities that a straightener should have.


Overall Rating: 6/10

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