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As part of our Hair Budget campaign #HAHairBudget we recognise wig purchases are one of the most expensive transaction wig wearers are often faced with. So now you’ve found alternative ways to manage your finances with hair products and accessories, how can you still get that slayed wig on a budget?

Wig re-vamping services have been on the up and rising over the last 10 years, the concept of not throwing away old wigs, however giving them a transformation in to a new hairstyle or basic TLC. Often the temptation to buy new wig or bundles is tempting but when the budget isn’t available there is always an alternative to explore, did you know you can save up to £500 a year by switching to wig re-vamping?

We sat down and spoke to Gabrielle the founder of Wig Wash and Drop who’s provided her services to some of your favourite influencers, she shares with us her top 5 advice and insights on what her re-vamping services looks like.

1. What made you start Wig Wash and Drop. 

From University I used to revamp my own wigs, half wigs, extension pieces you name it! Anything that would keep the cost down in having to visit a salon. Being away at University it took so much to go back to London for hair appointments. This was something I was doing for fun in 2011. Fast forward to the end of 2018 I still needed a service like this and researched and looked and couldn’t find anything that was a quick and easy postal service. I truly started Wig Wash and Drop for women like me who wanted an on-demand service for hair that was as easy and efficient as sending in your dry cleaning but by post. And this is why we say we are the dry cleaning service for hair simple and easy. 

2. What Does A Wig Re-Vamping Process Look Like?

“Wig revamping has so many layers! There are extra processes such as repairs, ventilation, changing color, cutting into a new style and the list goes on. For me, Wig Revamping is a form of wig maintenance. That could be your regular daily wig or even a wig that’s damaged and matted and breathe new life into it making it essentially a brand new wig. This can be achieved by detangling the hair, washing, conditioning treatment, and styling the hair.”

3. Are There Wigs That Can Never Be Saved? / How Many Times Can Someone Re-vamp A Wig?

“I think every wig can potentially be saved! Good quality hair can definitely be saved, Human hair, and premium synthetic. It depends on the amount of damage…The more damage the more work! Wigs can be revamped time and time after again. The more TLC you give your wigs the better chance it has lasting you for years. That is the beauty of revamping you can switch out your closure or frontal if needed to bring you a completely new wig”

4. What Are The Most Common Services/ Things You’ve Seen From Your Clients?

“The most common problems are trouble with glue removal and also blonde or any coloured wigs that are extremely dry brittle ends. Most clients think that they have done something wrong with the hair, but mostly it’s the knowledge of the processes that the hair has to go through in colouring, bleaching, or toning. To avoid this the hair needs products and treatments paired with it that it lasts longer and gives you the salon standard every time. Another thing I see from my clients as they all think that their wigs are really bad and I always say there is no wig shame over here it doesn’t matter the condition it comes in, it matters most how it goes back out”


5. What Does The Future Of Wig-revamping Look Like To You?

“As we can see with how the economy has been affected by Covid-19 many vendors, stylists have not been able to send out hair. There is a high demand for wigs and hair more than ever and revamping your wigs not only gives you another option but helps to save you money as well.  The future of revamping is BIG! The hair industry is creative, we love to think outside the box with hair and how we express ourselves.  I look forward to seeing in the future more hacks and tricks for revamping wigs and hair. One thing about revampers it’s more about the information on how to give our clients the best results. I can see there will be more products and tools coming out in the future that will help to push revamping out there. This is a fairly new sub-niche of the Wig Industry and it’s definitely here to stay, I never knew how many women needed this! It’s not just for tired and lifeless wigs. Hair is an investment and this makes wig maintenance essential. “

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