Hairstylist : Your Customer Retention

By Hair Advisor UK

Facing the new reality of the pandemic has been a big blow to many businesses, however within the hair & beauty industry the impact has been one of most inconvenient. Currently, with the introduction of “Tiers”, many salons and hair stylists have had to seize trading due to current restrictions. 

However during these uncertain times, retaining your customer portfolio as a hair service provider is imperative. So you may be wondering how can I increase and retain this during a pandemic? 

The Hair Advisor team share 5 easy steps to ensuring your customers come back when your doors are opened and continue to promote your business. Although your services may be halted, still connect to your client base digitally.


First thing first create your mailing list! This is a great and easy way to stay in contact with your clients, keeping them updated on when your services will resume, any new services you’ll be providing and more. Setting these up fortnightly can gently remind your clients. You can Mailchimp or Sendiblue as free marketing mailing service software products (Don’t forget to do your googles!).


Want to know what’s on your client’s mind without sifting through direct messages? Doing a quick Q&A on your instagram stories is a quick and easy way to spot trend with questions your clients want to have the answer to. Overall you can tailor parts of your content based on the demand and overall answer those burning questions. 



IG live, yes we’ve probably had enough of them, but it’s also a great method to interact directly with your followers you’ve built on your instagram page. Enables your clients to see your face and have a familiarity with the face behind the page! Through the IG Lives remind your clients of best practises to take care of their hair, useful products and resources. 


It’s easy to get into the routine of constantly posting the same things, a quick snapshot of a client hairstyle. However consider switching this up, with using video content, creating reels displaying the processes. For example showing your clients the afro before the knotless braids, and styling.


Remember not all of your clients are going to be on social media or tech savvy to stay up to date with your business and services. Also consider picking up the phone and calling your clients, a quick 2 minute phone call is a great way to make them feel appreciated and acknowledged. This method works very well with your more elderly clients, who may have questions or concerns on their hair with no source to refer to. 

Overall the uncertainty of the pandemic doesn’t appear to be disappearing, retaining and increasing your customer portfolio is still a great way to connect with your clients. 


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