Top 20 Hairstylist Of 2020

By Hair Advisor UK

2020 has been a turbulent year for many of us, but for those within the beauty community the pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty, and reduction of service throughout the year. However, on the other end of the almost never never pandemic, its nice to know the salons and hair service providers that awaits us when we’re ready.

With that is mind, Hair Advisor UK, the largest online reviewing platform for black hair services and products, has announced the first of its kind, “Top 20 Hair Service Providers Of 2020” sponsored by Mielle Organics a brand that delivers to you with natural and effective products. Here at Hair Advisor UK we aim to be a safe space to discuss matters pertaining to black women’s hair, products and hair service providers and connect our consumers to local stylist. For hair service providers, we are a platform for them to advertise, inform and educate our community.

The Top 20 hair service providers are calculated based on the quality and quantity of the thousands of reviews, opinions and ratings collected by Hair Advisor UK from 2019-2020. With over 800 hair service providers listed on Hair Advisor UK, these awards are a testament to the quality of hair service they have provided consistently to their clients.






















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