How To Claim Your Business Page On Hair Advisor UK

By Hair Advisor UK


Here are 5 simple steps on how to claim your hair business page in less than 5 minutes!

Claiming your page is the best way to manage your business on Hair Advisor UK. You gain total control of your page and are able to make regular updates on your business details, services you provide, pictures and much more.

PS: Your business does not have to be registered via Companies House to claim your page, you will just need to provide some form of evidence (stated below) highlighting that the business is yours.



Register for a Hair Advisor UK account 



On the homepage, type in your business name in the search bar.

If your business page is not listed please fill out this contact form HERE.

The Hair Advisor team will then be in contact with you.


Click on “Claim listing” on your business page


File out the form that pops up:

As a registered business

  • Click YES
  • Attach evidence that highlights that you are a registered business e.g. Certificate of Incorporation

As an unregistered business

  • Click NO

Attach any form of evidence that shows the business is yours e.g. A screenshot of your business’s Instagram home page (as shown below)

Step 5

Once you have submitted all your details you will receive a confirmation pop up message that your details have been submitted.

The Hair Advisor Team will review all information and reply back to you once your claim has been approved.

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