Hair Accessory Essentials For Afro Hair

By Hair Advisor UK

At times, we may find maintaining our natural hair challenging especially when doing our hair routine.

As well as having the right products that work well with your hair, a  great tip for making this more enjoyable is by having the right hair tools for the job.

In this blog, the Hair Advisor team have listed a few hair tools that every woman that has an Afro regardless of type (from 1A to 4C) should have in their hair box! 


Wide tooth comb

Wide tooth combs are one of the best combs for natural hair. They have enough space in between the rows that allow hair to slide through without creating friction.

They do a great job at detangling knots and tangles without causing excessive hair breakage. They also work well for hairstyling when brushing added curls to your hair.

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Afro Hair comb

Afro hair combs are a very popular and classic comb used on natural hair. They can be used to detangle hair as well as add volume to protective styles such as twist and braid outs without disrupting the shape or pattern. Additional, they work well for hair parting too!

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Sectioning clips



Sectioning clips are great for keeping your hair in place when trying to style your hair which essentially help avoid loose hair getting in the way.  Additionally, they can be used to help evenly distribute product in the hair.

It can also be used during wash day, if you wash your hair in smaller partitions.

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Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase is a great way to retain moisture in your hair overnight when sleeping. Which therefore means you’re less likely to wake up to tangled/ dehydrated hair. 

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Bonnets are an essential in a hair box! They are used to wrap up your hair before you sleep and help keep your hair neat and tucked away overnight. It also avoids hair damage and breakage. 

There are a variety of sizes of bonnets which accommodate even the biggest of braids or locs.


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Spray bottle

Spray bottles are relatively cheap and a must have. They can be used to hydrate your hair quickly and effectively. You can mix your hair essential oils alongside with some water to keep your hair moisturised and hydrated.

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Microfibre towel

Microfibre towels are gentle on your hair and help speed up drying time after wash day without creating frizz unlike normal towel fibres which pull out your hair easily when rubbing it through. You do not need to rub the towel on your hair but rather squeeze your hair to remove the water.


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Tangle Teezer

The tangle teezer is a popular detangling tool used on natural hair. It is made with firm bristles that move through the hair in swift motions and gently unravel knots. This brush comes in different sizes and shapes too!

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To conclude, hair accessories are  great investments for a healthy hair journey. Comment below and let us know what hair tools you cannot live without!

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