Ponytails: Slick Or Damaging?

By Hair Advisor UK

From the young age of even 1 years old many of us have experienced our hair slicked up into a ponytail or pigtails. The iconic look isn’t something newly invented but one of the many hairstyles black women hair can be styled into, whether its an afro, wig or relaxed hair you choose your pick.

However everyone has their own preference on how they like their ponytail styled, from the use of gel, to no gel, to having their hair bone straight slicked up. But with the rise of many black women returning to natural hair, achieving a slick half up half down hairstyle or ponytail  can usually mean the need for applying heat.  So we’re sure you’re wondering but what do I need to know before getting a ponytail hairstyle done.

Hair Health

Firstly knowing and acknowledging the condition of your hair is imperative, ponytails are hairstyles that can cause a lot of tension to your hair. Weak or thinning hair is not recommended as this can lead to hair loss due to the tension.


Hairstylist Selection

Booking a hairstylist who firstly has experience using heat and secondly has a reputable history, checking reviews on hair Advisor UK is to ensure they are at least a 4* star hairstylist. Using a hairstylist who has experience in creating ponytail hairstyles can further reduce the risk of hair entanglement which can be due to the method of installing the ponytail. Also read whether the client experienced any severe damage to their hair when uninstalling the ponytail. Checkout these 5* Hairstylist that provide ponytail services.

Heat Damage

Heat damage can never 100% be avoided, as everyone’s hair tolerance to heat is different. However, applying heat exceeding 300 degrees is entering dangerous terrorises. Blackhairinformation.com recommends always using temperatures at most 300 degrees. If you are worried about the usage of heat on your hair, raise your concerns with your hairstylist ahead of your appointment, as most processes involve using a blow dryer and straighteners to ensure your own hair blends with the straight hair extensions.

Afro & Kinky style

If you’re not a fan of heat, there are always several options to have a slayed ponytail, natural afro textured hair extensions are a great alternative way to blend your hair without the need for heat and also gel! A slayed hairstyle doesn’t have to be a straight one! Check out:  To All My Black Girls, a vendor that specialise in black afro textured hair extensions.

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Speak up Stand up

It’s always good practise for a hair stylist to hold a consultation before your hair appointment. This is to guides you through your hair appointment process, during this you can raise if your hair doesn’t work well with certain products or you have product allergies. Through the appointment it is also good practise for a hairstylist to talk through which products they have on your hair. If you notice they aren’t doing this speak up and ask them to explain the product they are adding. Aren’t sure if they’ve used a heat protector? Ask them as it’s not worth facing the possible consequences later.

Time To Uninstall

Now you’ve likely had your ponytail in for 2 weeks and ready to take it off. We encourage you to have another pair of hands, a friend or family member who can assist you. Although you’ve sat in the salon chair, you may have not been able to see fully how the ponytail was installed. Section of thread and pins wrapped around your natural hair can easily be over cut by mistake.

Poor Service

Overall getting a slick ponytail doesn’t have to cause havoc or damage to your hair. If you notice any hair loos after your appointment or even struggling to take the ponytail out contact your hair stylist as soon as possible and express your concerns. They would be able to provide you with professional guidance on what to do next.

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