Hair Product Of The Month- December

By Hair Advisor UK

December  Product of the month is a little bit different we thought we would take a look at appliances! This month the star buy is a straightening hot comb!

Straightening hot combs have been around since 1920 and I’m sure many of you remember using it on your natural hair back in the days when you went to the hair salons. In recent years hot combs have made a comeback but this time for wigs! They are said to be great in laying your wigs down and here are two-star buys.

Wahl ZX698X Afro Straightening Comb

Designed specifically for Afro hair, this straightening comb has a maximum temperature of 200 degree Celsius, making it effective yet still gentle on hair delivering silky smooth results.


  • Variable temperature controls allow you to adapt to your specific hair needs.
  • Maximum temperature of 200°C.
  • Automatic safety shut-off.

Price: £24.99

Weight: 0.47kg

Website: This can be found at Amazon or Argos.


Papa Chi Chi Pink hot comb

Designed with a nice pink colour and created to go as high as 230c whilst most hot combs only go up to 190c!


  • Titanium Coated Comb– Prevents Snagging, Ensures A Smooth And Silky Finish..
  • Adjustable Temperature – 5 Heat Settings, Perfect For All Hair Types.
  • Heats Up In 30 Secs– Reaches Lowest Setting In 30 Secs, Highest Setting In 60 Secs. 

Price: £31.99

Website: This can be found at Axellia London

Have you tried this product? Do you think it is great in laying your wigs down? Let us know!

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