X PRESSION What Colours To Mix?

By Hair Advisor UK

As we remain at the peak of protective styles seasons especially for braids, we know many of you have explored your own DIY braids. To be honest, its not the easiest thing to learn over night, but with a bit of help from youtube, a mirror and Hair Advisor IGTV content, were sure you’ll be able to get braided up!

But besides the struggle of attempting to braid your own hair, the even bigger question is; “which colour should I go for?”. Just like selecting what colour or highlights you’d like on your wig or weave. Picking a colour for your braids can be that little more difficult.

With not many resources out there, we’ve compiled the Hair Advisor Team favourite braids colours, and highlight combination to help you jazz up that protective style. Breaking down which number of hair expressions you can blend together to achieve that look you’ve seen your favourite hair braider do!

5. Black or Brown?

Now, as easy as you may think, purchasing hair extensions for “black” braids isn’t that easy. If you’re a bit like our co-founder Sharon, who isn’t keen with Jet black aka Colour 1. You may want to go down couple shades lighter. Colour 2 is a great shade if you’d like black hair with a tone of brown in the light, enough to blend you naturally have slightly dark brown hair.

Colour 1, 1B or 2 or 3

4. Pink Is Fun!

Never consider pink braids? Well this is your time, whilst we still resume lockdown, now is a great time to explore some colour into your protective hairstyle.

Colours “PINK” and “1B” 

3. Golden Braids

A popular combination that is currently trending is highlights also known as “Golden Braids”. If you’re not to keen to go too bright this is a great colour that complement your winter glow.

Colours: 4, 8 and 30

2. Burgundy

Autumn and Winter is a popular month for burgundy hair, so why not consider it within your protective hairstyle! If pink is just way too bright, burgundy may just be the tone for you!

Colour : 99J and Colour 1, or 1B, or 2

1. Highlights For The Win!

The Hair Advisor Team love a nice couple strips of highlights in their wig, and with braids, it just makes sense! Adding that hint of colour to your protective style, but also maintaining enough black to keep the edge! Mixing expression colours for highlights is easy, counting every few braids with a bright colour .

Colour 27/4

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