Hair Product Of The Month- February

By Hair Advisor UK

Every month the Hair Advisor team will be reviewing a hair product and letting you know which gems to watch out for, favourite star buys and all you need to know. 

February Product of the month is My Mane Hair Cocktail OIl. 

If you are looking for an oil as part of your LCO  method or just something to add a bit of moisture to your scalp or hair, try the new My Mane 100% natural growth oil.

Hair cocktail oil contains natural Jojoba and Amla.  Jojoba oil is said to be the closest composition to our scalps natural sebum is readily absorbed, ensuring all the nutrients and vitamins can penetrate and work their magic. In addition to AMLA, the ancient hair growth superfood, promoting healthy, long, thick and beautiful hair. The vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients present in Amla increase scalp circulation, strengthen hair follicles and stimulate healthy new growth.


  • Amla aids in natural hair growth, 
  • Smells sweet. 
  •  Soothes Scalp

Price: £14

Size: 100ml


Have you tried this product? Or maybe you found a product that works better in combating dry scalp and hair.  Don’t forget to submit your hair product review with Hair Advisor UK by clicking the link below! Head over to our Instagram to read our latest product reviews

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