5 Bridal Hairstyles For Natural Hair And Wigs

By Hair Advisor UK

Wedding season has arrived! For many brides the hunt for the wedding dress can be one of the most hardest decisions ever to make! But one thing for sure is the hairstyle is that ultimate cherry on top and finishing touch! Traditionally many of us have grown up to see  bridal hairstyles with straight hair, styled and pinned curled. However with more black women embracing their natural curls, you can feel just as beautiful with styling your natural hair as well as opting for a wig! Check out these inspiring bridal hairstyles from 5 black hair stylist.

5. A traditional Side Parting Pinned Crown

Are you a bride that aspires to wear a crown on the big day? It really does become the double cherry on top of the hairstyles. This beautiful look, was done use a frontal lace wig styled by Jupiter Styles.

Instagram Handle: @Jupiter_Styles

Email: Jupiter.styles1@gmail.com

Youtube: Jupiter Styles Youtube


4. Middle Parting With Loose Curls Fringe

We know most women can become super conscious of their forehead, and rather stay away from a middle parting on their big day. However we are in love with this elegant middle parting low bun bridal style done by Belle Crown. The two curls at the front adding that extra elegance.

Instagram Handle: @Bellecrown_bc

Email: Bellecrown@gmail.com

3. Natural Hair, Wrapped Side Parting With Bun

Now, it’s not everyday straight hair! This natural look, which incorporates a pebble comb in, provides that extra elegance to this bridal look. Prefer a bigger natural look? You can always add natural hair extensions or Xpression to provided that added fulness. This look was done by Symmetry Bridal

Instagram Handle: @SymmertryBridal

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2. Plaited Up Do

Something different for the win! Long hair doesn’t have to be the norm with bridal hair look! Beverley Frimpong has created a stunning slick up do with using Xpression hair extensions. 

Instagram Handle: @BeverleyFrimpong

Email: info@BeverleyFrimpong.com

Booking Link: Click Here

1. Side Swoop Light Curls 

Debroah Lola Bridal gets a 10/10 for this gorgeous look, a bit of side parting, loose curls and a light curly messy bun at the back. The hair in this photo does all the talking!

Instagram Handle: @DebroahLola

Email: hi@debroahLola.com

Booking Link: Click Here



Have you used any of the hairstylist above, don’t forget to submit a review on their profile to create further transparency within the community! Feel free to comment below with any of your favourite bridal hair stylist.

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