Hair Product Of The Month- April

By Hair Advisor UK

Every month the Hair Advisor team will be reviewing a hair product and letting you know which gems to watch out for, favourite star buys and all you need to know. 

April’s Product of the month is Red One Aqua Hair Wax.

Do you like the Fonex Gummy wax then you may just be a fan of the aqua red one hair wax! Can be used to slick down your edges if you are trying to create a sleek pony look or just to lay your hair down. 

The hair wax is said to have great shine, stronghold and infamous strawberry scent that no one can resist. It is water-soluble so it washes off hair and hands with just water. works great with all hair types to create any look. Red Aqua Hair Wax is easy to work with and distributes evenly throughout the hair. Best of all it is flake-free and amazing long-lasting shine and hold. 


  • Flake free
  • Water-soluble
  • Doesn’t leave your hair hard.

Price: £2.99

Size: 150ml Click here to purchase

Website: Click here to purchase

Have you tried this product? Or maybe you found a product that works better in combating dry scalp and hair.  Don’t forget to submit your hair product review with Hair Advisor UK by clicking here! Head over to our Instagram to read our latest product reviews 

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