I submitted a review, where is it?

  • Each review submitted is reviewed by the Hair Advisor team for screening before it goes live on the website. This process usually takes up to 72 hours.

How do I leave a review?

  • Search for the hair service provider name on the home page, click on the reviews tab situated in the middle of the hair service provider page and fill out details accordingly.

Why can’t I see the overall rating of a hair service provider?

  • This is only revealed once a hair service provider has 5 or more reviews. This is to enable fairness all round.

The hair service provider I want to leave a review on cannot be found!

  • That is no problem at all! Fill out our “Contact Us Form” with details of the hair service provider you want to be listed.

Can I delete negative reviews?

  • Hair Advisor will only delete a review if it violates the Guidelines as per written in our Terms and Conditions.

What does claimed or unclaimed mean?

  • Claimed signifies a page that has been taken as ownership from the business addressed. 
  • Unclaimed signifies a page that has not been obtained by the business addressed.

How do I report an inappropriate review?

  • All reviews are manually reviewed by the Hair Advisor team before it is released on the website. If you believe the review is still deemed as inappropriate please fill out our contact us form.

Where will my reviews be displayed?

  • Once you submit a review and it has been approved you will be able to see your review, on the review tab on the hair service provider directory page. 
  • If you have signed up to become a member you will also be able to see all the reviews you have left in the ‘my account’ tab.
  • Hair Advisor website or our Social media websites.

Who can write a review and when?

Reviews are only useful when the review left is genuine, this is why we aim to ensure there are some guidelines in place:

  • If you have purchased a wig, bundles, hair or service 
  • If you have received a hair service within the last 12 months
  • Please ensure the reviews left are based on your own personal experience and not on behalf of someone else.



Can I be unlisted from Hair Advisor's website?

  • Hair Advisor business listings cannot be removed from our website unless the business has been permanently closed or amendments made. Proof will be required to action unlisting.

Who can not write a review?

  • If you own the business you are not allowed to leave a review on your own business.
  • If you are employed by the business.
  • Is a direct competitor of a business.

How do I submit my own blog to Hair Advisor UK?

Send an email to info@hairadvisor.co titled “Blog for Hair Advisor UK” with your name and your proposed blog topic. The Hair Advisor UK team will then forward you a form to fill.

What does the tags 'Unregistered' or 'Registered' mean?

  • A registered user is a business who has registered their company on company house.
  • An unregistered user is a business who is not legally registered on companies house.

What does the tag 'Featured' mean?

  • A featured post is a hair service provider who has paid for ad services to feature their work on our website.

How do I find top rated salons?

On the hair directory https://www.hairadvisor.co/salons/ on the left hand side navigation, we have a drop down box whereby you can sort the order of hair service profiles by “ratings” this will then re-list all profiles by top rated to least rated.

How do I submit a review as "Anonymous" I do not want my name displayed

When submitting a review, in the name fields, simply type “Anonymous”

I submitted a review, however I don't want my name to appear, how can I edit this?

If you have credit an account with Hair Advisor, you will be able to change this within your “Settings”. If you do not have an account, please email our team at info@hairadvisor.co, include your name in the review and any additional details.

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