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      Help, i have a very dry scalp that gets itchy quickly no matter what I do, I have tried using jojoba and sweet almond but that doesn’t work. I tried using a spray bottle to spritz my scalp with water and leave in and it doesn’t help either.

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      Try washing your scalp with sulphate free shampoo and then using some essential oils like jojoba tea tree oil and almond oil
      This may relieve you

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      Try scalp may also be caused by a reaction to an ingredient in a product. Try to keep track of what you put on your scalp for a week or two. This may reveal to you what your scalp is sensitive to. Also your diet may be a contributory factor.
      Lastly have you tried anything new on your hair recently?

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      The above tip is very helpful thank you

      I’ve been trying to understand why my scalp has been dry but this definitely explains a lot. I was using a henna treatment I think too often. I have now stopped and seen major improvements.

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