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      How often do I need to wash my afro hair? I have transitioned recently and am completely clueless

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      Ife Olonade

      Aw dw, we’ve all been there! Wash as often as needed. In my opinion there isn’t a set rule on how often, I wash my hair every 7-10 days. You don’t want your hair to get too much product build up because then its just sitting on the hair shaft. Although washing your hair less frequently works for some, most people average every 1-2weeks

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      I don’t think there’s a certain rule do what works for your hair! i was mine every month and it helps my hair!

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      Speaking on knowing when to wash your hair, I had and still have difficulty in knowing the right time to treat because it differs around different hair types.

      For individuals transitioning to natural, would having an app that tracks your routine and gives you specific advice on your hair type be useful? For example, tells you the best time to wash, condition, co-wash your hair (Similar to the womens health app, flo)

      Please let me know. Thanks!

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